Fit in my 40s: can Instagram influencers motivate me to move? | Life and style | The Guardian
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‘Your classic camera angle has an alarming effect on people who are already doubly perfect.’ Makeup and hair: Sarah Cherry. Clothes: My Gym Wardrobe Photograph: Kellie French/The Guardian
Zoe Williams

Last modified on Sat 5 Dec 2020 03.24 EST

  • Ulisses World and Simeon Panda) are men, and the women are similar only in the sense that they all have incredible muscle definition.

    Who are the best? You’d probably learn most from Venezuelan Michelle Lewin, the biggest beast and the most practical: she can do things with a knotted bedsheet that genuinely won’t have occurred to you. OK, I can see I need to elaborate as that sounds weird. Tie a knot in the middle of a bedsheet. Loop it over a curtain rail, making sure it will take weight. This is now ready for a range of bicep and ab work; it’s essentially the same piece of equipment as the TRX, only not developed by a Navy Seal, and very inexpensive.

    If, like me, you have read a lot of insightful essays about the impossible perfection of Instagram, particularly the women (Anllela Sagra and Ana Cherí, I’m looking at you), you’ll probably approach this niche with some suspicion. What demand of late capitalism are you trying to meet, with your 12-pack, and your athleisure-meets-lingerie aesthetic? There is undeniably a lot merch involved here.

    Yet there is something powerfully motivating about seeing a squat, or a bicep curl, performed by someone whose musculature is beyond perfect: the sheer strength of @Hannaoeberg is exhilarating, and you’d do her mat workout even if you had no intention of buying the full IronWoman weight set. In their sheer zest for creating content, people like @sonialevfitness do cook up some inner thigh moves you won’t have thought of. This taps into something more complicated than aspiration, since I would never look at, say, Jen Selter’s diet (high protein, almost all eggs) and think to emulate it.

    @Kayla_Itsines. Check out her sofa squats, and sit-ups using a dining chair.

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